There are many reasons why Thailand is an ideal holiday, business and filming destination. 365 days of sunshine, tropical sandy beaches, clear azure water in the Gulf of Thailand and turquoise blue on the west coast of Andaman Sea; scenic islands, colorful corals, winding mountain roads, ancient Khmer castles, old wooden temples, modern buildings, busy and crazy city life; tuk-tuks, fresh produce markets, long tail boats, all-year-round green rice paddies, a great mix of service and world–class craftsmanship. With frequent direct flights from key cities in Europe, Asia, the U.S. and Australia, Thailand promises you a fantastic production experience.
Thailand has a well-developed advertising industry and our team is experienced in producing everything you can imagine, regardless of size or scale. We have highly skilled craftsmen and crew, experienced producers, the latest equipment including cameras and lighting, plus post production teams with world-class technology and talent, making us able to produce or co-produce great commercials at truly competitive prices.

Apart from our in-house directors and producers, we also have a network of top-notch freelance directors. If you have already identified a director you want to work with, please feel free to talk to us.
The Bandits Bangkok has a full production team and facilities in house. We can convert any script into a great ad, no matter what scale or budget. Equally, if you have a big idea but not so big a budget, you may try giving us a call. We have in house studio, settable location, and teams that are hungry to perform great work. Post production costs in Thailand are some of the lowest in the world. If the idea is great, don’t worry so much about the money – we can find a way to make it into a great ad.