Bo Krabbe is a multi award winning film director, known for his eye for exquisite cinematic detail and well versed in both old school in-camera techniques as well as modern sophisticated visual post and motion design treatments. With a natural flair of capturing the magic moments that appear on a set making the big difference for any film. Great sensibility for directing talents and can be seen in the work that embodies storytelling with funny and unexpected twists. He has even brought life to lifeless origami characters through stop motion photography. 

His films show an absolute class and beauty and encompasses a sleekness that ranges anywhere from natural organic to modern sophistication.

Bo has the vision and passion to create new trends that is apparent in many of his films and often said to be ahead of time. Nothing seems to be too big of a challenge when filming roaring F16’s, a world wide international airline campaign, trial bikes climbing steep mountains, deep sea fishing, freestyle motocross, adorable mosquitoes declaring their love in true Shakespearean style to a world first campaign of origami characters filmed on miniature scaled sets as stop motion cinematography.