Nicolas Salis starts shooing his firsh experimental short films while studying Arts & Literature in College. Later, gaining experience on videos & commercials as editor and digital SFX artist, he keeps working on personal projects, where he is simultaneously writer, designer, director, editor, FX supervisor. Absurdity is a recurrent keyword in his fiction work.

His short films, Rose Mertonensis and The Last Minute, have gone to several festivals around the world. Shot in 2001, "Rosa Mertonensis" wins the Kodak Emerging Filmmakers Award at Cannes 2002.

"The Last Minute", a full-CG animation short film narrated by actor Jean Rochefort, has been broadcast on many TV channels in Europe and selected in prestigious festivals - including the Official Selection at Cannes 2004 - winning seven awards including "Méliès d’or" at FantasPorto, Portugal.

His latest opus "Mr Bulot Play Goft" has just been released in March 2010.

As a director for promos and TV commercials, Nicolas Salis has been working in Paris, Dubai, Beirut, Madrid, Milan, Prague, Warsaw, Reykjavik, to name a few...